Fashion and circular economy – interview

Fashion and circular economy? Léa Gejer, who is founder at Flock, and also founder and collaborator at Ideia Circular was interviewed by the blog Jouer Couture, a media that thinks of fashion as a transformative platform.

Léa became interested in circular fashion because she believes circular design and Cradle to Cradle permeate through all sectors and scales. From industrial products to buildings and cities. Moreover, she believes that the Brazilian textile industry is promising to achieve circularity, due to its singular characteristics and structure. So, Léa has deepend in this subject. Since that, she has been correlating textile industry with circular design in many talks and workshops. Consequently, she has become a reference for many people who want to understand more about it.

For the Jouer Couture blog, among the topics discussed in the interview, for example, Léa spoke about the current transition from linear to circular economy. She also talked about the state of art of Brazilian circular economy. And spoke about initiatives in which major brands and suppliers from the textile industry could define fashion from positive materials.

Want to read the full interview? Read it here (only in Portuguese). 

DIF 2017: workshop design circular

We are featured in the DIF’s lineup of disruptive ideas and innovations! DIF (Disruptive Innovation Festival) is an online festival and the event will be online on November 23rd:

The workshop aims to discuss with the public the following questions:

What if we could create products and systems that are healthy and safe for humans and nature, and eliminate the concept of waste?

Circular design is starting to take place in the industry on a world scale, and this session aims to showcase how this idea is being brought into practice in Brazil. In this hands-on workshop, everyday objects will be disassembled with the purpose of understanding how they are (or are not) currently designed and thought to return to their next cycle. The speakers will then introduce the Cradle to Cradle framework to the public and work out ways to apply it to the re-designing of such products.

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QuickScan Cradle to Cradle®

Natura initiated a QuickScan project of one of its products. QuickScan provides preliminary information on the potential Cradle to Cradle® and recommendations for the next steps towards optimization or certification in accordance to the international certification program Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM for products.

A rising number of designers and manufacturers – along with a significant growth in the number of conscious consumers – are establishing new expectations for product quality. New issues should be addressed in a design project: products are not only judged for their aesthetics or functionality, but also for their impact on the environment and on the health of people, and for its ability to be reused in a circular economy – and the QuickScan is the first step towards this direction.