Casa Circular filmed for DESCARTE documentary

DESCARTE has filmed Léa Gejer at Casa Circular  as part of the documentary. Léa, the founder of Flock, tells how she designed the first circular house in Brazil. She talks proposing other ways for building, in which natural resources and healthy materials continuously circulate. In this way, we eliminate the concept of ‘waste’- or ‘descarte’ in Portuguese; as wastes can become “food” in new cycles of products.

DESCARTE is created and directed by Leonardo Brant and produced by Deusdará Produções. Leonardo brings characters and specialists from various parts of Brazil, such as Ailton Krenak (indigenous leader and environmentalist), Ana Borba (Lixiki), Elisabeth Grimberg (Instituto Pólis), Luciana Annunziata (Casa Causa), Mariana Moraes (@verdesmarias), Mundano ( Pimp My Carroça), among others. These people transform waste and bring new ways of thinking about production and consumption with innovation and diversity.

you can watch the complete documentary here (Portuguese only): It is only necessary to register in the platform.

DESCARTE has also produced several contents, seeking a more in-depth dialogue on seven topics related to waste issues. Each theme is an invitation for debating in a multiplatform approach.

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