“Circular economy on fashion” webinar at ABIT (Brazilian Association of Textile Industry)

Circular economy is gradually more present in the textile and fashion industry. But what are the ways to apply the concept of circular economy on fashion? It is necessary to design, produce and supply clothes and accessories to be used with responsibility, optimizing the useful lifetime of these products, understanding that each material has its own value, in a way that  their materials are able to return safely either to the biosphere or technosphere at the end of their cycles. Therefore, we must take into account some concepts of circular economy for fashion and textile industry, both from the point of view of production and consumption.

Materials should be designed with the intention of maintaining or optimizing material quality for next cycles, what we call Upcycling. When designing a product, we should ask ourselves: What chemicals am I pouring into this material or product? How and by whom were they made? Are these products healthy to be in contact with our skin? And what can happen to every material I’m using afterwards? Are they positive materials? How can I eliminate what is not going well in my production? And at the same time, how can I optimize what is positive?

In addition, new business models and opportunities for the fashion industry have emerged. New questions have been raised: How can my products and materials circulate for more time in the hands of consumers? How can I bring my clients back to my store, increasing the quality and value of my products? Old trends such as repairing and maintenance are coming back? How can I work with them in my business?

“Circular economy on fashion” webinar

Léa Gejer will speak about these concepts and the current developments of the circular economy in Brazilian fashion that on 12/13 on the webinar of ABIT (Brazilian Association of Textile Industry). The idea is to speak of the circular economy at the textile chain, based on current success cases,within the Brazilian context. The webinar is paid, but anyone who reads Flock can have a 25% discount. Just use at the registration moment this discount coupon: JMHLS3JPG8

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