Impulse Project

Impulse Project was one of the finalists in the last stages of the Arc Tiete project – Municipality of São Paulo/ Urban Development Secretary. Flock has coordinated and designed an interdisciplinary group of professionals – the Impulse Collective – aiming at the development of the pre-feasibility study of the Arc Tiete, an area of 6,000ha along the river floodplain.

In two months, we prepared a conceptual draft and a proposal for the territory. We presented studies for the next 32 years (2013- 2045) for the area’s development. The urban transformation is based on four themes: urban modeling, legal modeling, economic studies, and social and institutional interaction.


The concept of the project is based on the Tiete River’s history. Tiete is originally a meandering river that used to pulse while cutting the city’s territory. The river was alive and closely connected to Sao Paulo and its citizens. The river died when it was rectified and channeled in the 40’s, and became a physical and social barrier, that divides the northern and southern shores. In 2013, Tiete River is only remembered for its floods, pollution and damages.

The Impulse Project considers Tiete River as an instrument for the re-articulation of social, environmental and economic relations in the territory of Tiete Arc, bringing the river back to Sao Paulo’s citizens.

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