International Environmental Congress – Bogotá, Colombia

Flock is participating in the XII International Environmental Congress, in the city of Bogota, Colombia. This event is organized by the Center for Sustainable Development Program Studies CEID Colombia and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

Léa Gejer, Flock’s founder, talked about her vision of circular design towards the development of a positive future. For her, this can be developed by implementing Cradle to Cradle circularity and design in products, architecture and cities.

The Congress will discuss the National Circular Economy Strategy and its development plan for Colombia. In addition, politicians and circular economy experts were in the International Environmental Congress, such as the Colombian Environment Minister, Ricardo Lozano, Ken Alston of the Circular Economy Platform of the Americas, Prof. Marian Chertow, from Yale University, and Safia Minney’s Tree of People. Moreover, companies operating in the region such as Unilever, Natura and Veolia and small and medium entrepreneurs showed that they have been doing for the development of the circular economy in the region.

Therefore, the event has showed that circular economy has being incorporated into the political and business agenda of the country. It is seen as a way to take a step ahead and lead innovation in Latin America.