“Coffee with impact”: circular economy at Abraps

Event organized by Abraps to talk about circular economy.

Abraps (Brazilian Association of Professionals for Sustainable Development) is organizing an event called “Coffee with impact” to talk about circular economy. Léa Gejer is invited to talk about her professional experience applying circular economy and Cradle to Cradle. Her experience is focus in architecture, urban planning and product’s design.

At first she will speak about how the Cradle to Cradle and circular economy framework has influenced her career as an architect and urban planner. Additionally, how she sees the next steps for the transition of the Brazilian construction market.

She will also talk about differences between sustainability, recycling and circular economy. And she will also bring examples of how circular design is guiding the development of products, buildings and cities, in a way to illustrate possible solutions for effective circular products and systems.

Abraps is a not-for-profit institution committed to strengthening the work of professionals working on sustainable development goals. The institution encourages the connection and exchange of experiences among its members. In general participating and holding events, fostering the construction and disseminating sustainable knowledge. Abraps also provides products, services and opportunities. The event “Coffee with impact” is organized by VISÃO ABRAPS. This is a group of young people from Abraps. They aim tfacilitate the approach of those interested in sustainable themes from an innovative and informal vision.

The “Coffee with impact” event is free. And will take place next 27th July, from 10am to 12pm at Vila Butantan. The adress is R. Agostinho Cantu r 47, at Butantã, in Sao Paulo. To take part you only have to sign up here (only in Portuguese).